Attitude Cam (PCM of NC) & Kooks Header Install

I purchased the "attitude" Camshaft from Alvin at PCM of NC to pick up the pace a little bit. The cam required headers so I ordered a set of Kooks 1 3/4" from Maryland Speed with high flow cats and had a bung welded in for my wideband before having them coated. The Cam was close to 600 lift, so new springs were in order as well.

Header install - I completed the header install first to get a feel for "headers only" and the old headers don't do anything on a TBSS debate. I am sorry to say but that I was singing in that same crowd and even though Tim "ImpalaSpeed96" debated me every chance he could I still believed they did little or nothing.

All the dyno numbers I have seen published are pretty wimpy and I have always said it's not worth the money for a mild bolt on truck. Well that may be the case if you consider the cost but headers and a good Y do make a difference. I did not test at the track, but I have no doubt that the headers improve throttle response and the truck pulls better on the top end. Of course AFR tuning was required to get things back in check.

The install was not nearly as bad as I have heard talked about but I assure you doing it in the driveway was a lot of up and down and I paid for it the next day. The worst part of the install is supposed to be the installation of passenger side header. Once I got ready to install it, the headers literarily fell in on about 5 minutes. Installation time was about 8 hours for one person for the total project. more info on install

Cam Install - Final phase was installation of Cam, new valve springs, retainers, locks and push rods. As mentioned above the cam dubbed attitude was a custom grind available from PCM of NC. The lift of the cam required new springs and this is something I know better than to be cheap on. So I ordered the following. Thanks for Mike "MKEngineer" for setting up the package deal. I listen to Mike often as his advice is always good.

  • PSI-LS1511ML "Maxlife" Beehive Valve Springs
  • Comp Hi-Performance 7* Machined Locks
  • CV-Products 511 Titanium Retainers
  • Trend 5/16" Hardened Pushrods

Install was a breeze. I had no issues and install time took 12 hours and was in no hurry. Truck already had E-fans on it and a ASP pulley. The valve spring compressor was home made out of a 1/4 piece of steel strap and worked like a charm. More good info from Mike. info on install

Tuning and Results

I did a rough tune to get the truck running which was basically an idle adjustment and then one attempt at AFR based on a 5 mile scanlog. The truck ran pretty well but would die on occasion backing up. From there Alvin at PCM of NC took over and custom tuned the new cam. This was done by sending me a tune, me loading the tune and resetting trims, scanning with HPT and returning the results to him. We went through about a dozen tune processes including a few where he had the truck running in SD (speed density) mode.

In the end the truck idles between 900 and 1000 RPMs and for the most part drives stock without the bottom end loss I have had with big cams in the past. This cam dubbed "attitude" has a bad boy sound and I often get people rolling down their windows at stop lights saying "what the hell you have in that thing".

First voyage to the 1/8 mile track the SS ran 8.25s at 82.5 MPH all night with DA's in the 2000-2200 range. Best run being 8.23. The previous time at track (pre headers/cam) the truck ran 8.44 to 8.55 at 80.2 mph in the 1/8 and 13.3 to 13.4 in the quarter.

In a nutshell the gain was about .25 in the 1/8th if you dont take DA into consideration and possibly .3 if you do. The speed picked up by at least 2.3 mph as well. That should be good for about a .5 second gain in the quarter over the pre attitude runs.

Fuel Economy on the highway is unchanged for the most part but city driving has dropped about 3 mpg. I could probably improve on that if I tried keeping my foot out of it.... But why? So for reference my pre cam economy with a 3600 stall was about 12.5 and now its hovering in the 9's. It does have an attitude right?

According to PCM of NC this cam requires headers and probably a stall. With my stall, there is no loss in drivability and it it wasnt for the "rumpity-rump" and the increase in power you would never know the truck had a cam. As I said, there are NO big cam losses with this thing.

I should be heading to the 1/4 mile track with BigRobSA in the next 10 days so will post back results from my 1/4 mile runs against his 07 SS with same mods that ran neck and neck with mine at that Nationals. Also you can check back soon for the Cam and Header install pictures/write up as those pages are nearing completion.

As my buddy Pat (FreemaSSon) said best. "Grand Slam Alvin"

Check out the sound clip below.