PCV system catch can
Mounted with cover removed
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Cover installed
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Stock PCV line (figure 3)
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Results (figure 4)
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The PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system is designed to remove moisture and vapors that cause contamination in the engine oil. When it pulls from the engine it has a tendency to also suck some oil which gets burned in the combustion process. This increases the potential for detonation.

The TBSS PCV system has a hose that connects from the front of engine on the passenger side to the cold air intake. This is where filtered air is pulled into the system. The vapors are removed by using a vacuum line connected to the drivers side rear valve cover. See arrows on figure 3.

I tested the catch can after 500 miles of driving with a few full throttle passes on it. I was suprised to find a fair amount of oil when I opened it up. See Figure 4 below.

This catch can is manufactured by Billet Prototypes. Info here