ECM/TCM replacement

The ECM and TCM modules are located in the engine compartment between the battery and the radiator down low. They have a plastic cover that can be removed by squeezing the tabs on the end of the cover and lifting.

Once the cover has been removed, you can remove the modules.


The ECM has three plugs and the TCM has one. Its easier to get the TCM (left) removed first.

I found that if you remove the module first and it makes it easier to remove the connector. There are a couple tabs on the ECM/TCM mount that you can release and rotate the modules out and away.

Each plug has a bail lever that locks it into place. To lift the lever you will have to press the release in the center and then the lever should rotate forward. Once fully released you can rock the plugs back and forth to remove them from the module. This may take a little bit of work as this is a sealed connection and pretty tight.


NOTE: Used modules (even reprogrammed ones) need to have the security key relearned before the vehicle will start and a crank relearn done.

New modules do not need to go through the security process. More info can be found on the FAQ page