This is the SS shootout nitrous "wet" system how-to for dummies. My part in this article would be the "dummy". I consider myself more than competent when it comes to design, fabrication and installation but will be the first to admit I know nothing (or better said knew nothing) about nitrous when I started this project.

This article is about smaller shots, 175 HP and less. Larger systems including direct ports are outside the scope of this project.

So with the help of some seriously knowledgeable people on including JAY4SPEED who I asked to be a technical advisor when putting this together I was able to install a well running N20 (nitrous) wet system on my TBSS.

This article is intended for the AVERAGE TBSS owner (AKA slightly twisted) who wants to install nitrous. The information contained here was written for our application and not a 8 second Camaro or Martin's (NeverEnough) TBSS, who by the way is the fastest TBSS in the world.

Consider this article food for thought. Just because I did it this way doesn't mean you have to !

This installation was completed on a 2006 AWD model with a totally forged LS2 and RPM built transmission. Before anyone asks "How much nitrous will my stock bottom end take". Let me start off by saying "None NADA ZERO ZILCH !" (taken from LS1Tech). If you are going to spray it, then be prepared to break it. As with anything there is risk and nitrous is no exception. Consider yourself warned.


Special Thanks to Harris Speed Works for their assistance in this project.

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