Changing sparkplugs on the TBSS

Thought I would add a "how to" change spark plugs page after installing a set of new NGK TR-6 plugs in my truck today.

Seems like a pretty simple task until you get to the passenger side. Cylinder #2 (front passenger) is the worst.

Start off by doing the drivers side so you can get a feel for how the wires snap onto the plugs. The drivers side is easist done with the truck sitting on the ground (not jacked up). Removing the plugs requires the typical 5/8 plug socket, ratchet, swivel and various length extensions.

I found it easier to remove the temp sensor connector at the front of the engine to get at the cylinder #1 plug. The rest are straight shot.

The wires can be a little tough to remove. Start by wiggling the shield around to break the seal before attempting to pull. The steel tube/shield over the plug removes attached to the wire so make sure you are not trying to pull the wire out of the steel shield.

When installing the plug wires its hard to tell if they are really snapped into place. You will notice the sheilds are really sloppy (wiggle) until they are fully seated against the plug. Once they seat they firm up.

Next move to the passenger side. Remove the plug wire from the front #2 cylinder. This is no small task and will be the tougest part of the job. Remember wiggle it around to break the seal and then pull.

Now jack up the truck and remove the wheel !! All 4 passenger plugs can be removed from the fenderwell. There is a oval slot behind the spring that will allow you access to the #2 plug (see right image) using a long extension, swivel and socket.

After replacing all four plugs and installing the wires on the three rear ones, install the front wheel and lower. Now install the plug wire on the front cylinder.