About Us

After two decades of building nearly 500 websites for Iowa businesses we have seen the internet evolve from literally nothing to something that’s a requirement any business to be successful.

Iowa Web Hosting sprouted from its original parent company Computer Technologies who provided MCSE services for local companies. We had a few of our existing customers ask us to help them build a website like the one we had created for ourselves. It quickly became apparent that there was a significant need for full-service web development companies and IWH was formed.

To have an effective online presence requires teaming up with someone that understands everything it takes to be online. There are a lot of capable web designers these days, but their expertise often ends there. We assist other companies on a regular basis setting up DNS records, correcting server issues, helping with search engine optimization and more. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a company that has 20 years of experience who understands and does all that for you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most misunderstood processes associated with websites these days. 75% of everything published online over the years has panned out not to be true. We have seen it all. Keyword stuffing, landing pages, hidden text, link farms, excessive use of tags, etc. Did you know that your site can be blacklisted for the use of these unethical tactics?