Getting ranked and SEO. If you are going to take the time to build a website you certainly want to be found. There are many options but to start off with you want a well designed website that gets organic results. You may also consider setting up an Adwords campaign with Google “Pay per click”.

This is a controversial topic and one we take very seriously. Search Engine optimization for your website is a great way to help gain market share. If a potential customer does a search and finds you instead of your competition, the odds of you getting the business is obviously much greater. On Google the top three spots get about 55 percent of the clicks and the results below that typically get 3-7 percent each. Just moving from position 7 up to position 2 can often triple your click through rate.

Another reason might want to rank higher is because it makes your company look professional. If you were calling on a customer and they decide later to check you out. Finding up top in Google is impressive. You are considered a serious player.

When we started doing search engine optimization (SEO), everything you needed to do to make your company successful with the search engines was about ways to trick them. Often called black hat SEO, web developers would do all these tricks in the background to make you successful. This is still somewhat the case but the tricks have changed from being sneaky to playing by the rules which means proper content and optimization. Social media and incoming links for authoritative sites also play a part in your success.

All these things are known as organic search results. The nice thing about organic results is you dont have to pay when someone clicks them. The other type of search is Adwords, also known as pay per click. As the name implies this type of result will cost you when someone clicks your ad. How much Well that depends on your business and the competition. It is not uncommon for people to pay $4 to $10 per click.

Adwords requires special skills to be implemented properly. Its not a pure high bid strategy because if done properly your $3.00 bid could be placed above your competition that is bidding $5.00.

Iowa Web Hosting is in its 20th year doing search engine optimization. A lot has changed in those nearly two decades. Google now has a partner program with stringent testing to prove you are qualified. The first step to becoming a partner is passing their Adwords Fundamentals Certification and two other core programs. Iowa Web Hosting not only has certification for the Adwords Fundamentals but also for Analytics and four additional certifications. Our knowledge and experience ends up costing you less in the end because we make good decisions with your money.